Montag, 5. Januar 2009

where am I

In general at home :-) Where is home? With my parents in Loheland
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I had a nice and easy trip back from Ramallah via Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport close to Tel Aviv. There I had some time to wait until my plane left, but with coffee, juice, chocolate and my laptop time went easily by - I shouldn't forget all the people I chatted with, was really nice.

Can you imagine that visited friends for 4 month? That's what I tolled the security personal at the airport, they believed my but were very curious about the species and dates I brought with me :-)

Arriving tired and exhausted in Frankfurt, a surprise waited me. My brother, his girlfriend and two good friends waited for me, yipih I was happy - but tired. We had some coffee and on the way back I got some nice and tasty Christmas cookies, yamie. But it was so cold in Frankfurt, I immediately froze. Hamdullilah now I m used again to that kind of weather, we even got snow at home, its so nice, a white world. I should get some pics for you, maybe tomorrow.

But what saddens me - you probably know what - Gaza and all it s links. By far to many people died, I dont know what to say - I cant say anything else except stop this bloodthirsty war - Israel stop occupation know and you will secure your people! I hope it ends soon, but I fear that is only a optimistic dream.

How can I wish every one a beautiful new year knowing what is happening in Gaza? Nevertheless I do! what you could do, is signing a petition

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