Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

where am I ii

Größere Kartenansicht

In Basel working at the IDEM office which is located in the Unternehmen Mitte a really interesting building. read their web page to see what they are doing.
That the desk I am working at. The people are somewhat different than on the pic.

What am I working?
  • Well at the moment I am busy with getting articles together for the annual report of IDEM.
  • The upcoming work camps need some advertisement, we still need details of the upcoming projects in summer and autumn.
  • The content of a new flyer need to be formulated and designed.
  • Probably the biggest topic is the whole financial situation. We need to find new sponsors and foundations for ongoing support. Its mainly about the running costs like rent, electricity, printer,phone, in short all the office stuff. In summer we need to find a some source of income for myself. Until know I am living on BAföG (student loan) but after I finish my studies coming summer, I wont get it anymore. Maybe I than take part in the "work searches income" project, but lets see what happens until than, still some time to go.

Basel has a grey sky today, somehow grim. Some rain is falling down - but I should go out like yesterday. After some time outside it felt so much better. Waking along the Rhein isn't to bad,maybe after I eat something.

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