Samstag, 31. Januar 2009

I am going to Gaza

On Wednesday I got a chat from a friend asking me to join a team of different therapists, pedagogues and a few more people going with the "Friends of Waldorf" education to work with traumatized children and youth.
I an hour I gone go to the airport in Basel going from there via Paris to Cairo and than tomorrow to Rafah. We ve got invitations from different organizations in Gaza. The German foreign ministry said we can go. Now it is depending on Egyptian police at the boarder, depending on Hamas and Israel if they let us in and if they let us in if they let us work and move! Quite a few questions which are unclear but we gone find out as soon as we are there.
I gone stay for two weeks afterwards we gone see what happens next.

All the best for everyone here and there. emergency education that is the program I am going with.

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Niklas Hartung hat gesagt…

eine Hiobsbotschaft. Ich hoffe, dir wird es dort in Gaza gut ergehen. Ich werde dich mit den besten Wünschen und Gedanken begleiten.