Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

solemn vigil (Mahnwache)

After I read on the bombing of the UN school in Gaza yesterday, I decided that I need to do something - at home and try to bring some tiny little more awareness to the city I live in. We gone have a solemn vigil or Mahnwache (in German) Friday 9.1.09 at 5pm at the Universitätsplatz in Fulda.
What I want to do? To give a voice to the voiceless at home - try to get some more support for international human rights and some more actions against international law violations - support for civilians which are the victims of that fighting. I also want to remember the resistance fighters and the soldiers suffering under their governments decisions. That might be an uncommon view, but still they are humans. Don't tell me anything, that they could decide against the participation, yes they could, but they didn't. I know that there are many more arguments I should consider - but fuck one dead person is one to much.

I hope some people gone be in Fulda on Friday, lighting some candles and asking the by passers some good questions.

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Stefanie Lang hat gesagt…

Hi Lukas,
I just want to say that it's great that you're going to have a Mahnwache in Fulda! It's great that you d o something! I'll be happy if you would light a candle for me, too. I'll have Uniplatz Fulda in mind today at 5 pm.

Best wishes,