Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008

christmas or what?

sitting in my sleeping back, it s cold but I had a nice day.
Went to church these morning, to the Dormition Aby in Jerusalem. It was a nice service, like last weak when a friend of mine convinced me to go. I cant really agree with all the content, might be of the catholic way of interpretation but still it s nice to hear the Bible and some singing. It reminds at the time in the Dome Choir in Fulda. Anyway it s some how a possibility for me to get calm and sit back a little and find some outside position to observe myself and the situation I am in, in that country.

Than we had some nice good by meal, the friend I went to the church with is leaving. We had some last conversation about our experience here, mainly about trust or distrust, saying the truth (at least our truth) or only parts of it or lying, when does lying start, where does it end and how can a society function in which at these questions play a big role and take a huge part of daily conversations. Questions Questions and again Questions - but they come only because you start of getting quite deep into society but nevertheless you are still discovering more and more every day. It might be only the short view in to someone's eyes on the street, a sentence you read in a book, a handshake with a friend or what ever.
And I got my first Christmas present ... but I didn't open it, still some days to go ;-) But it looks every where as if Christmas is coming, at least here in Ramallah and Jerusalem ... I don't want to write about other places at the moment ... yesterday some people put up a stage at the Manara Square in the city centre, closed the roads towards it and played some "lovely" Christmas carols. In the evening I went with some friends to a nice Baroque music concert in the Latin Patriarch Church in Ramallah. Really nice, at least if you like classical music. Especially nice was the viola concert in E flat Major by Bach. Why was it nice? Because I am at least sometimes playing the viola too.

I wondered a little about the two comments ... seeing nearly all the other post without a comment and getting than comments on such a nonsense post like the last one ... feels strange here ... but don't worry better any comment than none ;-) (M. and C. I hope you don't mind ... thx anyway for the comments ;-) )

Lets see what the next days will bring, hopefully I gone meet an old friend tomorrow which I didn't saw since quite some time. inshalla as we say :-) The funny thing when I phoned him today was, he thought that an Arab is calling him. Seemingly my Arabic pronunciation isn't to bad :-)

If that should be my last post before Christmas:

Happy Christmas

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Claas hat gesagt…

I often wonder about the way people comment or do not comment. I get a lot of Emails saying ""Thank You for those stories" and so on, but commenting I think is just not easy.

When I read your blog, all the touching stories, there is so much going on in my head which I could never form into words. The Problem is: I can't even ask questions, because I just don't know enough about it... So I read and try to understand whats going on in your live - but commenting: way to difficult.

But I can comment on Nutella =) Just half an hour ago I was still lying in bed and smelled (guess it was pure imagination) fresh bread, I imagined eating fresh bread with butter and Nutella (yes, I am one of the Butter-under-Nutella-Freaks), it was a breathtaking Moment =)

And I can comment on the layers: I count 4 - as long as you can still move =) On the 21st you wrote about sittingh in your sleepingbag - that sounds like feeling cold...

But: aren't you already back in Germany by now? Enjoy the woodfire, thats the best heat one can get - we got an oven in Yangshuo in the hostel at the moment, soooo nice!

Have a good start in 2009 - don't forget to plan a big happening in the snow around easter! ...we'd all come! =)